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A Month after Its Release, Pokémon GO Breached $200M in Revenues


Pokémon GO has breached $200M in revenues one month after it was rolled out according Sensor Tower. The popular game took cities by storm since its initial release in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States in July 6, 2016. It was quickly followed by launches in many European countries, in Puerto Rico, and Canada. And just before July ended, Pokémon GO has finally reached Asian shores after its release in Japan and Hong Kong on July 22 and July 25 respectively.

The game may not be available yet in many other countries as the roll out continues. But it has proven to be quite a success given the millions of players who have taken up the game. It has been received with much enthusiasm that it is not unusual to find news and features about several players flocking in places like the New York City Central Park to catch a Pokémon.

In-app sales have seen some significant increase despite some issues reported by some players. Judging from the estimated global sales, it seems that Pokémon GO has not just managed to engage people in actively playing the game. Soon after the game was released in Japan, which is home to the Pokémon franchise, there has been a noticeable increase in revenues generated.

The hype surrounding the game has not shown any signs of dying down. Pokémon GO managed what not many virtual games have succeeded in doing, which is to bring more players outside to look for Pokémon characters in real locations. The surge of in-app purchases indicates its growing popularity across a wider user base, which still does not include China and India where some of the biggest numbers of players are expected to join once the game goes live.

One of the many things that make Pokémon GO interesting is that it provides opportunities for players to explore places in search of Pokémon species to cast. It has merged the real and virtual worlds as players become more actively engaged. With all the excitement that has caught on in different corners of the world, it is safe to expect that revenues worldwide will spike once more countries are added to the list of places where it is now being played.…

Find Out Tech-art Archery Innovations

Tech-art archery innovations give modern archers an edge by providing them access to helpful technology which is parallel to their lifestyles and preferences.

archery equipment

How Do You Choose Your Weapon?

What do you know about the atlatl? Have you ever heard this stuff? This may sound epic and historic to you. This is a spear-thrower which is mainly used for hunting. This is the earliest version of the bow which first came into the world 21,000 years ago in France. As you can see, the weapons for archery intensifies the modern market as it ossifies any brave soul to try the shoot. Click here for a better choice.

As archery evolved its way to the stairs of modernization, its technology has improved immensely. The newest archery weapons are complicated and more compact which makes the bow and arrow more powerful than before. The intricate tech-art  archery innovations give the bows and arrows higher degree of accuracy and greater mobility. It even surpasses Everdeen’s upgraded weapon in the smashing movie The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

What’s an Upgrade of Modern Archery?

Toxophilites or the archery-lovers dream of becoming a Katniss Everdeen of possessing the power with the bow and arrow. Being the poor miner’s daughter from District 12, her innate belligerence made her survived the Hunger Games and turned a nation of slaves into an army. Of course, who would not want the role of a protagonist? Who would not want to have the epitome of perfection? In the arena, she got an upgrade of her simple bow and arrows to a most coveted weapon made of silver. Of course, Who would not want to have it? But there’s more in the stores for  you. If you really bet to have it, why not browse stores selling modern archery stuff?

Is there something like a top-of-the-line bow that one could ever have? You might think of tech-savvy features with fascinating state of the art concepts of archery weapons. Features that would give you the most comforting release and the best shoot.

How About a More Powerful and Accurate Bow?

Highly-engineered and complicated bows and arrows can possibly help you win in the archery shootout. These modern and tech-art archery innovations help toxophilites succeed. These archery-inclined people benefit from technological and scientific advances.

Whatever your goals and needs are, try to consider a perfect bow that fits your experience and grip. Whether or not the success of any archery depends on the most defining equipment or on his power of the bows and arrows, his success story  of archery ultimately depends on the satisfaction and relaxation he gets from this popular sport and activity.

To top it all, archery has become BIGGER than its BETTER participants.…

PlayStation Network: How It Works

Sony Interactive Entertainment, in its continuous pursuit to excellence, has developed PlayStation Network. This entertainment service for digital media was primarily designed for Sony’s videogame consoles but with its effectiveness, it soon became a marketable service for other platforms – including those of televisions with high definition capacity, blu-ray players, mobile phones, and of course, tables. As of the first quarter of 2016, PSN is being widely used all over the world as evidenced by the documented more than 110 million subscribers. On a monthly basis, active users reach the 65 million count.


PSN is definitely the ultimate digital media service for those who want unparalleled entertainment experience. The service is dedicated to a series of world-class services from Sony, including PlayStation Plus which is a premium subscription to enhanced gaming experience and other social features; PlayStation Video where movie streaming, purchases, and rentals are clustered in one place; PlayStation Vue or Sony’s very own cloud-based programming service for televisions; PlayStation Music where music streaming is endless; PlayStation Now or Sony’s very own service for cloud gaming service ; and PlayStation Store for everything in one online marketplace.

Being Part of PSN and its countless benefits

To be one of the documented users of PSN, creating an account is a must. To do that, there are a few things that a potential user should do to become a successful subscriber to everything that PlayStation Network is about to offer.

Step 1: Sign Up. PSN is designed for ultimate entertainment satisfaction, but its makers take the responsibility of ensuring that only those who are mature enough can get through some very explicit information or entertainment. Thus, there will be two types of accounts that can be created – master and sub accounts. The former is for primary account thus granted the full access to each and every features PSN is built with while the latter is for secondary accounts like for kids of those primary account holders. Some guys have gotten their PSN Codes from here http://freepsncodesgenerator.xyz/, and I tried it and it works.

Step 2: Create an Online ID. An online ID is the username that will be used when logging in the PlayStation Network. The normal identification of a user will have to be at least 3 characters or as long as 16 characters which has to be a mixture of letters, underscores, numbers, and hyphens. This will be the name that will be displayed when using the services of PSN.

Step 3: Complete a profile. The profile of the user is important for social purposes, but is optional. In PlayStation 4, though, PSN grants sync in with the user’s Facebook account thereby allowing the user to use the social media profile to the PSN account.

Step 4: Earn Trophies. Gaming with PlayStation is fun and rewarding. There are four trophies to be earned in games – bronze, silver, and gold. The top most award is a platinum trophy, which can only be awarded to those who have completely unlocked all trophies in the games.

Step 5: Generate a Portable ID. This is like a badge or an infogram that allows the user to display the number of trophies earned.…

The HOW-TO buy a spotting scope guide


Spotting scopes are getting popular nowadays due to the demand of hobbyists and even scientists. It is very similar to a small telescope which is mostly used for target shooting and bird watching. But like other things, buyers are having a hard time determining which one they should really get. So, how do you buy a spotting scope? Easy, choose one that has the appropriate features of what you need in a spotting scope.

Angled or Not?

If you are planning to watch birds straight from your car or you prefer having the scope setting at the same height as you, a straight scope fits the bill. In this type of scope, your eyes and the object you are looking at will stay level with each other.

On the other hand, an angled scope is best if you want to look up or down on things without adjusting its height. Having the eyepiece offset at 45 or 90 degrees from the scope barrel, an angled scope is best for use in different heights.

Waterproof or Not?

This one is easy to decide to. If you can spend extra bucks to have a waterproof spotting scope, then go do it. Most probably, you would be using the scope outdoors a lot so it’s better to play safe and have a waterproof one. If you don’t really see the need for one, then disregard this feature. This website: http://spottingscopereviews.net/ has a very nice guide with waterproof scopes.

More Magnesium Fluoride Coating or Not?

The magnesium fluoride coating prevents light loss and reduces glare from reflection. If you want your image to appear brighter and have lesser eyestrain, then you should opt for one that has more coating on the lens.

More Eye Relief or Not?

Eye relief refers to the distance where you can hold the spotting scope away from your eye and still get a full view. This feature is very useful especially for those who wear glasses. If you are not wearing one and feel like you don’t need an extended eye relief on your spotting scope, then that’s another thing to cross out on the checklist.

Larger Field of View or Not?

If you are planning to use your spotting scope to watch birds and wildlife, a large field of view will give you an advantage. If you have a wider circular viewing field then you could watch sights that move quickly better.

Bigger Lens Size or Not?

Remember to determine where you will use the spotting scope, then determine which magnification or power you would need. A 45 x 60 spotting scope can zoom 45 times than what your naked eye can see. Is that good enough?

You can also determine how big you want your lens. A 45 x 60 spotting scope has a 60mm in diameter lens, a size larger than the average one. This will allow additional light into the scope to produce a brighter image.

Although these are important things to consider in buying a spotting scope, do not forget to consider the budget you have. Spotting scopes can range from $200 to $2000 and the quality between spotting scopes nowadays have huge gaps. You want performance? You will have to pay for it.