Spray painted couch

5 Spray Painting Hacks You Need in Your Life

Painting walls, ceilings, and floors is a usual thing. We all know how effective paint sprayers are when it comes to these surfaces. But how about in other common things you can find at home?

We’ve done our research and it turned out to be a good thing!

Allow us to share with you the flexibility of spray paint with these five hacks. It’ll change the way your home appears, and it’ll also change the way you look at your magical spray gun. If you don’t believe us, well, ask Tom.

Before we proceed, make sure you’re wearing the proper outfit–that includes a mask, a pair of gloves, old clothes, and protective eyewear.

Hack #1: Tin Cans

Don’t get rid of those used cans just yet! You can recycle them with a bit of spray paint. First, wash the cans and dry them off completely. Then, prepare your spray gun or spray paint can. Use white paint to paint them from the inside out. Be sure you’re 12 inches away from the surface! Once they’ve dried entirely, use them to organize utensils in your kitchen.

Hack #2: Flower Pots

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor garden, you’ll need to make it stand out from everyone else’s! Spray paint your pots to make them look lively and appealing just like this pink one:

Painted pink flower pot

Hack #3: Living Room Lamp

Give your lamp a new look by painting the outdoor shell with silver (or white) and its pole and stand with gold! Everyone knows sticking with the original color of the lamp for a long time is so yesterday. Use your spray gun and watch your visitors get jealous!

Hack #4: Drawers

It’s not just the lamp you should makeover but also your drawers! Paint your drawers with something more elegant that will make them stand out from the other furniture. It’s a great thing to know you could paint your drawers because you might want to change the color theme of your room someday.

Painted cabinet

Hack #5: Couch

What? A couch? Yes, my friend, you can spray paint a couch. With fabric paint, you can modify the look of your old couch to make it more welcoming and decent. Just make sure the couch is completely dry before you start painting.

Spray painted couch