Top Gadgets That Made your Childhood Complete

More and more gadgets are being produced every year.

Some of them brought us happiness and some of them disappointed us. Remember the times that you used to play games all day long? The childhood days were amazing!

Millennials sure had lots of fun. To help you reminisce and appreciate the gadgets that made your childhood awesome, let’s proceed and tackle the top gadgets that made your childhood complete!


Having a virtual pet is fun!

This is one of the popular gadgets in the year 1990. If you’re one of the millennials, then you’ll never forget this one. Take good care of the virtual pet and it’ll live healthier and longer. Also, they can die if left alone which is sad.

Sony PlayStation


I still use this badboy today. How about you?

One of the amazing gadgets we won’t forget.

The good old times! You chose to stay all night just to play alone or with friends. Numerous consoles offer good quality graphics and gameplay, but nothing beats the original! I’m a PS Fanboy Forever!

Nintendo 64

Who could forget this?

With its huge controller and high-quality games, I don’t think you can forget this one. Remember Legend of Zelda and Super Mario 64? Oh, yes you do! You can use it to play with multiple friends for more fun!


This became a huge hit in the ‘90s era. Due to its portability and affordable price, I don’t think you’ll have any other reasons not to get one. The games have lower quality compared to the latest games today, but it surely made your childhood awesome!

Did you know that this iconic game device was invented by a janitor? He must’ve read the best diy blogs way back then because what he invented gave portable gaming a great name.

Well, that’s it! So, what’s your favorite gadget that made your childhood complete? Tell us in the comment section and I’ll see you next time.